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FCGW: Zoey Deschanel Arrested for Baby Smuggling, and more

Note: This post is part of our feature: Fake Celebrity Gossip of the Week.

Headlines of the Week:

  • Zoey Deschanel, star of The New Girl, caught smuggling Canadian babies into US, selling for $7.50 a piece to diaper companies for advertising purposes.
  • James Franco launches fundraising campaign to provide food and shelter to extra terrestrials living in Zimbabwe.
  • Space ship crashes in Africa, aliens claim to be summoned by Tom Cruise.
  • Blue Ivy set to star in Willow Smith biopic: Parent’s Just Don’t Understand.
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FCGW: Jennifer Aniston’s emergency arm amputation: What will happen to her movie roles?

Note: This post is part of our new feature: Fake Celebrity Gossip of the Week.


Yesterday, Jennifer Aniston underwent an emergency arm amputation. Sources close to the star report that the amputation was the result of an exotic fungus she picked up while trying to kidnap Maddox Jolie, the stepchild of her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Maddox apparently picked up the fungus on a trip to Milwaukee. He is being treated and currently expected to make a full recovery.

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