Lentil Left Overs: Lentil Soup!

08 Mar

There is a famous saying: When life gives you lentils, make lentil soup.

Now, I may be adapting the phrase just a tad…but I like it better this way. One question I am constantly asking myself is “what is better than lentil soup?” Strangely the answer I constantly give is a definitive “NOTHING!”

It even has healing powers.

It was really easy to turn our lentils into delicious soup.

First, dump the leftovers into a pot.

They may look slightly undead, but unlike zombies they make fantastic soup.

Then add tomato paste, one box of chicken broth, cumin (to taste), and salt.

Just in case you were unsure what these things looked like

Once the vegetables are cooked through (they weren’t quite done in our original lentil dish), take out a bit of the soup and blend it together. I’m not sure why you are supposed to do this step – but I promise it is vital to the whole magical process.

Do your thing knockoff magic bullet

Because I am now a culinary genius (though I had to look up how to spell culinary), I thought a little lemon zest and juice would make the soup even more scrumptious (that I know how to spell).

And it did!

In about 20-30 minutes, I had lentil soup! After ladling it into a bowl, I added even more lemon juice (Seriously, is there a thing called lemon soup? If so, I would probably eat it every day). For me, this week included a good Sunday meal and AMAZING leftovers!

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