Leftover Beef Wellington in a Red Wine Reduction Sauce

02 Mar
  • Food: Beef Wellington in a Red Wine Reduction Sauce
  • Ingredients: leftover beef wellington, red wine, shallots, beef stock, butter
  • total time: 10 min

Jill and I got sophisticated this week in honor of the Oscars and made the most delicious meal in the history of our blog: Beef Wellington! That’s right, it’s so fancy I had to capitalize it. For leftovers, I knew I needed to kick it up a notch in order to maintain this snazzy streak we are on. Ergo, I decided to try making a reduction sauce.

Reduction sauces are basically really delicious gravy. My dad always makes them with steak, and he is an amazing cook, so I knew if I was successful I would have something to be proud of. My dad likes to joke about how I don’t like gravy unless you call it a “reduction sauce.” I also don’t like meat loaf unless you call it “meat balls,” or hamburger unless you call it “ground beef,” or yard work unless you call it… nope, there is nothing you can call yard work that will make me like it. Sorry, Dad.

Spoiler alert: The sauce was delicious.

Here are all the ingredients you need. Simple enough?

Best thing about cooking with wine? Left over wine for drinking!

To make a reduction sauce, start by putting some butter, chopped scallions, and red wine in a pan. Preferably, you will use a pan you just cooked meat in, but since this was a leftovers night I had to forgo the added deliciousness of meat fat. Stir the pan as it cooks over medium heat until the wine has basically all evaporated.

I also don't like onions unless you call them "scallions".

Then add in the beef stock and cook it down until it is the desired consistency. If you want it to thicken more, lower the heat. You can slowly add in more butter during this step if you want to make it taste better and gain a couple pounds. (Of course, I did.) I also added pepper, because I love pepper.

The end result:

Even better than the first night!


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2 responses to “Leftover Beef Wellington in a Red Wine Reduction Sauce

  1. Jeanne Bell

    March 7, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Kelly, you sure are right about the yard work!


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