Frequently Asked Questions

29 Feb

For the record, these are not actual questions people have asked us. We made them up. They are questions we imagine that people would ask us, if we were super famous and everyone read our blog and wanted to know everything about us. We wrote the post in case we ever do get super famous overnight, because we might not have time to answer everyone’s questions in between interviews and book signings, and we wouldn’t want half the world to go to bed with unanswered questions about Two Girls, Ten Potatoes swimming in their heads.

Q. Why is your blog named Two Girls, Ten Potatoes? Do you always cook potatoes?

A. No, we do not always cook potatoes, but we do enjoy eating them very much. Aside from bread, they are our favorite food group. We would love to cook them every week, but then we might grow morbidly obese, have a heart attack, and die–which would upset our fan base, especially because that fan base consists mainly of our parents. Additionally, the “ten potatoes” serves as an homage to our very first post, Krubs, which actually required more than ten potatoes, but we liked the alliteration in the title.

Q. Speaking of heart attacks, why don’t you ever cook healthy things?

A. Healthy things don’t taste good. They also don’t make great leftovers. We have found that the more butter something has, the better it will taste reheated. That doesn’t mean we don’t ever make healthy things–one time,  we made harira. We have also been known to eat grapes on occasion.

Q. Lots of people blog about cooking; what sets your blog apart?

A. The main focus of our blog actually isn’t cooking; it’s leftovers. We really only cook so that we have leftovers to eat the rest of the week. We are lazy like that. Also, most people that blog about cooking are pretty good cooks; we are not, so that should set up apart. Also, potatoes.

Q. Who is that cute dog you are always feeding scraps to?

A. That is Kelly’s dog, Milo. He has his own blog here. He doesn’t update very it much. He doesn’t have thumbs (or any fingers, for that matter) so using the computer can be a struggle.

Q. What if I want to cook with you?

A. Please do!  We love guest cooks. That way we don’t have to touch the raw meat.  That is, unless you are a crazy psycho killer.  If you are, we would rather you just use our recipes and start your own blog, titled “Crazy Psycho Killer Ways to Cook Human Flesh”! We will link to you. Really…

Q. I have a question that you didn’t answer yet. What do I do?

If you have a burning question for us, it probably means we are already famous and won’t have time to answer it, but you are welcome to post it in the comments just in case. (Mom, just call.)

Kelly and Jill


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2 responses to “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Jeanne Bell

    February 29, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    You girls are too funny! I’m still smiling 🙂


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