Who drank all the broth? – The case of the disappearing harira!

23 Feb

After our amazing weekend meal, Kelly and I thought we were in the clear for some fantastic leftovers!  However, on Tuesday at work, we discovered the broth had actually disappeared and we were left with glorified spaghetti.  Where did the broth go?  Did someone sneak into the fridge and sip out only the broth?  Did the chick peas get stuck in their straw?

That bag is full of delicious broth...and so is his mustache

Before long, my inner monologue had turned this small issue into a full fledged Trixie Beldon/Nancy Drew mystery (Trixie Beldon was a superior Nancy Drew…superior because she had better hair).  I was determined to locate the culprit no matter how many ridiculous scenarios I might get myself into on the way to the truth!  However, that book would have never sold a single copy.  It only took about two seconds of Kelly and I standing perplexed in our work kitchen before someone informed us that the noodles probably soaked up all the liquid.

No good stiefs! (Stief = combination thief and "one who steals")

I cannot speak for Kelly, but I had no idea that cute, innocent looking noodles would be so audacious as to ruin the first fancy-ish thing I had ever cooked.  I was betrayed by a food I once considered a friend (as spaghetti was the only thing besides tacos I knew how to cook before this blog).  However, the “soup” still tasted like Moroccan goodness, minus the slerpy-ness.

Add a few lemon slices and you begin to forget the betrayal

To fix our meal, Kelly and I tried adding a bit of beef broth (and in my case a little bit of water as well).  It actually turned our Harira into soup-like food once again.  Yes, the flavors did change, but not dramatically.  I now understand why my Moroccan house family never put quite so many noodles into their version of harira.

Now, for a little background on why our last post was called Moroccan Spaghetti-O’s.

The *extremely culturally sensitive* name came from my study abroad trip back in college – Term in the Middle East (TIME).  I stayed with an amazing family in Fez, Morocco with my friend Shannon (check out her fantastic blog here).  One night, we were served a dish that was a delicious tomato broth with tiny little ring pastas in it.  True story, it looked like spaghetti-o’s.

That, or I was really, really homesick for crappy American food

So, because Shannon and I couldn’t actually remember the name of this amazing soup, we did what any true American would have done – completely changed its name so no one had any idea what we were talking about.  I will always remember it as one of my favorite meals during my homestay.  I was really excited  to cook something from my study abroad trip for our blog.  Even though it wasn’t the best attempt, it reminded me of some fantastic experiences with some amazing people – and it did taste pretty darn good!

Shout out to Time '09!

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