Cheesy Potatoes and Cougar Town: The Perfect Week

14 Feb
  • Food: Cheesy Potatoes
  • Ingredients: Simply potatoes (or frozen hash browns), sour cream, cream of chicken soup, cheddar cheese, butter
  • Prep time: 20 minutes
  • Cook time: 1 hour
  • Suggested accompanying entertainment: Cougar Town!

This week is once again a little unique.  Over this past weekend, Kelly and I went to New York City to attend a Cougar Town viewing party.


If you just judged me for mentioning the words Cougar and Town in a sentence together, I do not blame you at all.  However, bare with me a moment while I explain why those two words are actually a beautiful thing that will probably change your life.

Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs and Spin City, is a genius – that is a hard fact.  Despite this genius, he unfortunately named his most recent TV show “Cougar Town”.  The show, a brilliant comedy about a group of friends in suburban Florida, is practically Kelly and my favorite show (second only to Community).  If you enjoy laughing, friends, and wine, please ignore the slightly odd title and check out the show!  (If you don’t enjoy laughing, friends, and wine, please stop reading our blog.) Cougar Town has nothing to do with cougars (animal or human) and is, in this blogger’s opinion, even better than Scrubs…I know, you just passed out from shock.  Seriously though, soooo good.

Now, back to our weekend.

Kelly got tickets for us to watch two of this season’s new episodes at a fancy place called the Paley Center in New York.  After the viewing, we got to sit in a room of about 150 as the full cast (Courtney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Philipps, Dan Byrd, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, Brian Van Holt, and Bob Clendenin) and creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel discussed the show and drank wine.


It was amazing!!  Kelly and I even got a pic with Ian Gomez!

"Ugh. Its really hard to chug pinot." - Andy Torres

So, would you like to know my point before I ramble for 10 pages as to why this show is the best thing to hit network tv since the moon landing?  Well, dear reader, our trip was so last minute that we left DC at noon on Saturday, bused to NY, went to the viewing, caught our bus at 1am in NY, and returned to DC at a lovely 7am the next morning!  Needless to say, we were a tiny bit sleep deprived.  This, combined with the fact that Kelly was going to be out of town most of this week on a site visit, made us think we might not want to do a full meal this week.

However, I knew that I would get hungry at some point after I woke up from my 8 hour midday nap on Sunday, and decided to make a tried and true dish that was simple and would last me all week – cheesy potatoes!

Heaven in a some ham that was actually made of turkey and tasted like it was actually made of poo

My aunt and uncle make the best cheesy potatoes ever!  Though mine never taste quite as good, I decided to use their recipe.  I mixed together the sour cream, cream of chicken soup, cheese and butter.

Does this mildly resemble a picture taken from space of a developing hurricane? No? Just me...?

Then, I added the potatoes and baked in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour.  They turned out perfectly!  Now, I have an amazing partial meal to enjoy as I watch the Cougar Town premiere on Tuesday, February 14th!

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One response to “Cheesy Potatoes and Cougar Town: The Perfect Week

  1. Rita

    February 16, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    What happened to the ham! Glad to hear the potatoes turned out OK.


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