German Style Beer Cooked Bratwurst

29 Jan
  • Food: Beer Cooked Brats and Carmelized Onions
  • Ingredients: bratwurst, olive oil, onions, beer
  • Prep time: 3 minutes
  • Cook time: 15 minutes

I am missing the Sunday cooking extravaganza this week because I went to North Carolina for the weekend to visit my boyfriend. I still wanted to cook something and blog about it, so yesterday I had a fantastic idea to make Bavarian pretzel rolls. I found a great recipe, bought the ingredients, took my dog to the groomer, tried to buy an iphone, fought with the fraud alert lady for a few hours…. By the time I got home, it was too late for pretzel rolls! Luckily, Ted had bought bratwursts to go with the pretzel rolls, and we had time to cook those. He cooked away while I photographed his every move to blog about it!

It’s kind of cheating, because I didn’t actually cook anything. I was instrumental in pouring the wine and setting the table, however. And whether I cooked them or not, beer brats are delicious and you deserve to know how to make them!

The plate looks sad and empty because it is missing a pretzel roll.

To start, heat the brats in a pan with some olive oil.

Strongly, manly hands are the best at pouring olive oil.

While the brats are heating, chop up an onion into small-ish pieces. I prefer them a little larger because I don’t like onions and large ones are easier to pick out. Once they are chopped, add the onions to the pan with a bit more olive oil and stir occasionally as they caramelize.

At this point, the brats start to small really good and your dog (or any neighborhood strays) might magically appear at your feet looking extra cute.

"You are the meanest, most heartless person in the world if you don't feed me brats right now."

Once the onions are carmelized, pour a whole beer into the pan (we used a wheat beer).

Yum, beer!

Let the brats cook until the beer boils down into a sauce. This takes about 10 minutes.

Three brats were cooking in a pan. One brat says to the others, "Man, it's getting hot in here." The second brat responds, "Whoa! A talking bratwurst!!"

Now they are ready to serve! Enjoy!

We probably should have had beer with this meal, but I love wine too much.

Jill is cooking sauerkraut later tonight, so stay tuned if you want to learn how to make horrible, disgusting food!

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